Flamingos at Eurovision 2016

September 10, 2016 in Ukraine has passed a national selection in Sofia София роль и Фламинго на Евровидиньеon the role and Flamingo Evrovidinie “Junior Eurovision 2016 ”, in which the sum of the votes of the jury and TV viewers the maximum number of points (23 points) scored Sofia role.

Sofia has received the right to represent November 20, 2016 our country in the ” Junior Eurovision ”, which was the venue for the capital of Malta, Valletta. Song Member Planet Craves For Love ( ” Planet craves love ”).
Accompany the song is an ensemble of modern choreography ‘Flamingo’ -. Karpuhin Andrey and Irina Volkova detail of the room you can not tell is the intrigue, which must be preserved until the moment when this statement will be presented.

Recall that the ensemble of modern choreography “Flamingo” has helped the soloists and participated “Ropes” number was presented in Eurovision 2013, where our ensemble. It was a bright and magical explosion of dance, who gave unforgettable emotions. Also, our guys were on the dancer in Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Look necessarily our members in the Junior Eurovision 2016 hold for them cams, and on November 20 will be the winner is known. Hopefully, this will be the representative of Ukraine – Sofia role and our dancers will help in this.

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