For partners

ТанецChildren’s dance group Flamingo
looking to cooperate with event agencies, organizers of the shows, television and radio, newspapers, children’s goods stores and food: all of all those who care about the future of our children.

For joint fundraisers, concerts, festivals, vіstupleny. We look forward to your suggestions and hope for mutually beneficial cooperation.

We also offer to be our general partner in our performances and events to prove themselves in front of partners and competitors, government agencies. Get powerful image support for the company in the faces of participants, partners, parents and guests.

Your company will be able to gain additional support and credibility with the active young population, a positive image and endorsement of the older and certainly give a smile and the joy of the youngest generation of our country.

There are various forms of cooperation. To resolve issues of cooperation call or email contact listed below.


(096) 650-88-07
(099) 388-04-55