Pop dance

Modern pop dance – a dance direction to synthesize a wide variety of styles. It may be present elements of classical dance, modern ballet, jazz dance, hip-hop, funk.
In the modern pop dance plays an important role individual performers. It is not surprising, because pop dance is not just memorized the sequence of movements, a small dance show. And the artist should not only dancing, but acting talent.

One of the principles inherent in the modern pop dance is improvisation. As in jazz dance, the performer must be creative in dance, just mechanical repetition of certain steps, in this case inappropriate. The contractor should be able to express themselves, their state by dance.
On the stage, plays an important role not only individual dancer, but also acting. The fact that the variety dances – is not just a learned movement, and a small theater production. And that is why the dancer must possess not only plastic, but also acting. Pop dance based on improvisation. The dancer must be able to express himself, his “I” through dance, and just learned mechanical motions in this case is not entirely appropriate.

Classes modern pop dance to keep fit, improve your posture and gait, and develop a sense of rhythm, and perform a kind of psychological discharge.