Dear parents!

In our choreographic ensemble set certain rules in order to create favorable conditions for you and your children. Your signature on the application for admission of the child indicates that you agree with the rules of the visit and are ready to fulfill them.

  1. Groups are completed by age children. Group lessons are held according to the schedule.
  2. Classes in team free, but !! there are fund of the parent committee. This money is used to the life of the collective, the costs of tailoring content and costumes, performances. Tuition is carried out in the form of pre-payment to the fund of the parent committee of the collective before the 10th day of each month and has a validity period during a calendar month. Late payment and the lack of a child in the classroom more than a month, the child is expelled, and a place in the group behind it is not saved. The amount of payment is decided at a meeting of the parent committee all the groups and voiced arguments staff.
  3. After a prolonged absence of the child in the classroom (more than 3 days) due to illness, next visit the parents must present a doctor’s certificate that the child is healthy.
  4. Parents are responsible for the health and safety of children before and after school. In the corridors and making noise is not permitted to run for the maximum comfort of all students.
  5. For learning outcome, please attend classes regularly. Late for class is not permitted, it distracts other students and does not allow the muscles to prepare your child to the loads. In case of delay, wait for the music and go to class.
  6. In the classroom, all children should be in the form of special training clothing and shoes (see «Rehearsal uniform»).
  7. In the room come only in dance shoes. Parents are not allowed in the room. All the issues are before and after school in the office of the teachers.
  8. The presence of parents in the classroom can be with the permission of the teacher.
  9. Parents provide teacher: home address, school, phone numbers of parents and promptly reported to the teacher to change data.
  10. Sport holidays announced in the press and established by law are not usually carried out, but before the collective performances of the students involved in the presentation can be called for more training.
  11. The administration and teachers is not responsible for the safety of the forgotten, the securities lost or unattended items. Valuables from the locker room you need to take with you.
  12. All the children, learning, on an equal footing. At concerts, competitions involving children who possess material, do not miss classes, know the entire program of concerts and competitive rates.
  13. Parents are required to attend the parents’ meetings, which are able to make proposals and to participate actively in the life of the school and the ensemble.