Set in a group

The impetus for the emergence of the dance should be the language of the soul.

  • If you are outstanding and crave through movement to express their attitude to the world around you …
  • If you want to fill your soul to hear the music movement, plastics, beauty …
  • If you think that the main thing in dance – possession of his body …

Then your element –

“Flamingo” team!

Teachers in their productions are trying to find, first of all, something new and unusual: regardless of the lexical identity.
Features performances in the team is the sensuality, emotionality. Dance program helps the child to reflect on the stage of the changes that are happening in the outside world (the aesthetic and social). The soul lives in dancing with the body, in the same rhythm, the mood …

We offer unlimited opportunities for children to disclose, requiring them to creativity and individuality. Someone wants to have fun, someone is trying to convey the mysterious, incomprehensible vicissitudes of life, the third carries pure movement, composition, rhythm ….
On stage, we will teach your child experiences any transfer of the entire spectrum of human feelings and emotions.

Exemplary choreographic collective “Flamingo” is recruiting children aged 4 to 8 years in the dance ensemble.
We are ready to take the children from 3 to 5 years in the group of early development (preparatory group of the ensemble). If you choose your child dance career, or want to give a child the basic physical development – you here. Even this group already comes on stage as artists and reveal themselves to the viewer.

For children from 8 to 17 years, with choreography training, enrollment will be made on the results of the interview. The interview takes place in one, two lessons together with the existing team. So look timetable, your approximate age and try to get to the classics, jazz.

Regarding age
1 group – 3-5 years
Group 2 – 5-7 years
Group 3 – 5-7 years (boys)
Group 4 – 6-8 years
Group 5 – 7-9 years (boys)
Group 6 – 8-11 years
7 group – 9-11 years (boys)
8 group – 11-14 years
9 group – 11-14 years (boys)
10 group – 15-21 years
11 group – 15-21 years

If you want to join our family – leave a message. And we say, when you come to us better.