Dancing clothes


In any occupation, any kind of art is the base. So, you can learn any dance types and directions, but the base is always However choreography.
Choreography – this is the basis of all dance styles, is an art that contributes to the overall physical development of children, health promotion is the key to a beautiful posture and gait, and has the most sought after destinations in the choice of shoes and clothing.

Our rehearsal form

Clothes should emphasize choreography and tightly encircle the dancer’s body, but not constrain it to show every move and be aesthetically pleasing.

Shoes choreography should provide a perfect job of the foot and not to bring discomfort, provide additional confidence.
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Swimsuit dance

How to choose the right swimsuit dancing , ballet, gymnastics, acrobatics? What is the best exercise to be comfortable and beautiful? From a huge selection of clothes you need to choose the right, what and where should be worn.
Swimsuit dance is the main piece of clothing a girl or woman who loves to dance classes or gymnastics. It fits well in the figure, the elasticity of the fabric does not hang swimsuit, swimsuit clings body. Girl looks well-groomed and fit when putting on a swimsuit dancing on the training sessions or rehearsals.

So what swimsuit suit aspiring dancer or a gymnast, and what – professional? What material is better to choose a swimsuit? To begin, select the fabric. Swimsuit can be Lycra, cotton and microfiber (microfiber).

Lycra – a synthetic material. Swimsuit Lycra-fitting shape and has a distinctive brilliance and, therefore, it looks elegant. Swimwear Lycra have a relatively low cost.

Cotton – natural material. The cotton lycra leotard added to the thread that the product was flexible and well seated in the figure. Swimsuits, shorts made of cotton are very soft and pleasant to the touch.

Microfibre – yarn of fibers of polyester or other polymers. The thread of microfiber is very thin, making the material got its name. Advantages of microfiber: do not shed and are not slipping, absorb water (without letting the sweat), dries quickly after washing, retains heat well despite a finer structure. It is not recommended to iron or dry on the battery.

As for the dancing swimsuit model, then there are many options. In colder times of the year can be worn swimsuit dancing with long sleeves, and even with a high collar. For the warm season fit leotard with short sleeves or straps.

For a little dancer can be purchased swimsuit dancing with a skirt, a skirt adult dancers might interfere.

In any case, choose swimsuit dancing to your liking, to class it brings you joy and cheerfulness for a long time.

Our rehearsal shape.


  • black tights
  • swimsuit black “Bella”
  • jacket – black razogrevka
  • Leggings
  • Jazz or ballet flats
  • hair – long hair combed smoothly !, collected “Dulko»


  • black leggings (pants)
  • T-shirt – sleeveless black
  • jacket – black razogrevka
  • ballet flats or Jazz
  • hairstyle – a neat haircutIf

You have any questions – please does not apply to teachers and to the parents’ committee of your group.