Does your child dance? Be sure to read !!!

READ TO ALL !!!!!! ?
Does your child dance? Required reading !!!

This question usually comes from mothers who have just begun to “drive to the dance” of the child. Beloved child. Beloved little daughter-daughter, which for them is the most beautiful flower of the universe, the navel of the earth, the main princess and the whole princess of the whole family.
… In thoughts such a mommy already sees her on a huge stage, lit up with lights, in front of a sobbing with delight and applauding hall, and now the correspondents of local and federal channels vying to interview her how she managed to raise such a magnificent child.

… but in reality – a ballroom, day after day, the same exercises, the teacher doesn’t even stutter about costumes and performances, how can it be that EIGHT WEEKS have already passed?!? !!! – are we still not stars? !!!!
And most importantly, there is nothing special for friends to tell, so it’s a shame. And suspiciously. After all, every time, indeed, ONE AND SAME !!!

This question would never have arisen if you knew:

1. The process of teaching dance is multiple repetitions. Countless repetitions.
The process of perfecting the movement and bringing them to automatism.
And then also the development of EMOTIONAL FEED, without which the dance turns into just a set of elements.
And all this means – as many repetitions as the teacher deems necessary.
(And a little more than that.) ?

2. Even the great, recognized masters – and those daily repeat the obligatory set of basic elements that support the dancer in working form, develop flexibility, stability, coordination of movements, promote endurance and also learn to control your body.

3. If you are not a choreographer, and your acquaintance with choreography is when you peep through the doorway of a dance class, or the teacher at the end of the lesson makes an “open five-minute” dance for parents, you should know: YOU ONLY SEEK that the children do “one and also”.
It seems to you from the lack of choreographic education, lack of dancing experience and generally false ideas about how dancers are taught.
Because in fact, in this notorious “one and the same” movement, they learn to keep their posture. Strengthen certain muscles. Distribute weight. Perform the movement gracefully. ??
And it is precisely the “same” basic movements that contribute to this!
And not a new dance in every lesson.

The goal of any good teacher is to make the student dance well.
Everyone can have their own methodology and their own approaches, but the goal is one.
But NO methodologies and goals will produce results if the student is too lazy to work on his mistakes or is not engaged regularly, but according to his mood. Only a polished basic dance technique makes it possible to do something further!
And if there are flaws in it, then the children will continue to grow crookedly, that is, not up, but somewhere else …

And the teacher’s task is to show the mistakes and say how to fix them, but the children’s task is to do this, forgetting about “yes, it’s boring”, “no, I’d better sit,” “it will pass”, etc.

And the parent’s task is to support the child in homework, to ensure that they are regular! You really want the child’s real success and well-deserved, enthusiastic applause for him, and not lingering applause from pity?
Then do not miss the rehearsals! Because – we want to perform everything, but how to rehearse – so “she is dancing so well, today we will not go to training!” – who told you that she is already dancing well?
In the eighth, twelfth, thirtieth week?
… Do you seriously believe that every movement of your child is perfection itself ?!
Then you have no reason and nothing to learn, sorry, go to … School for super talents. I don’t tell you the address, because even the Bolshoi ballet troupe does not disdain repeating the “same” day after day, year after year, from concert to concert …

If it seems to you that your child, confusing the right and left side, walking out of time, with a weak back, stooped – anyway, in your opinion, “and so dances well”, and she, in your opinion, “can “to speak out means that you simply do not want to see her mistakes. ?
Or parental love is blind. Or an understated sense of aesthetics. Or something else. We know better ourselves!

… Remember, mummies, grannies – those who really want a result, and not just “drive to dances” and unfasten money for children’s employment.
??? ONLY AND ONLY A TEACHER decides: when the child or his group is ready to move on to the next movement, when to learn a new dance, in which row to whom to stand, when and what to sew costumes, to participate or not to participate in the competition!
A competent teacher puts up for the concert only fully prepared numbers;
A professional will simply not put on stage “raw” numbers, and children who confuse the sequence of dance movements, or who perform them inaccurately, do not have basic training, are constrained, scared, and do not convey the stage image!
You may be in shock, but in case of insufficient preparation of the number, musical material or costume, a professional teacher will even remove the number from the concert program! – and if you move away from ambition (“oh, I already invited all my friends, and now we don’t speak! Coco Coco !!!) and other selfishness, that’s right. For you can show a poorly learned dance only with your family and friends, but not on stage.

… These are the responsibilities of any professional teacher. His duty, I would even say so!

Trust the child to professionals who work according to the above principles. Or you run the risk of running into a charlatan who will simply take money and praise your little girl – and after a year, two – your princess of the universe will continue to dance only at home around the sofa, but on the intra-school interlovers.

If you do not agree, take the child, teach him yourself.
Just bring to a logical result – a worthy performance on the professional stage. ?

© Copyright: Svetlana Shirokova, 2017