Грищенко Людмила НиколаевнаGrischenko has higher education, in 1998 graduated from Kiev National Institute of Culture and Arts in “Staged, a teacher of special disciplines,” finished a magistracy of the State Academy of Culture and Arts.

In the Kiev Palace of children and young people since September 1996, first as head of the circle dance, and in 1998 he became the initiator and director of the ensemble of modern choreography “Flamingo”.

Over the years, in the Palace of Lyudmila established itself as a highly skilled, talented teacher, a skilled organizer and a gifted director.

The team working on the set up Grishchenko LN educational program “Contemporary Choreography in youth team,” which was presented at the All-Ukrainian contest of curricula and teaching aids for school establishments in Ukraine (2004). As a teacher and the director knows how to unlock the creative potential of the child’s individual capabilities in the process of introducing education and training of modern technology. The team supports the best traditions, is able to create an atmosphere of creativity, the pursuit of excellence, user-friendly climate in the work with students and teachers.

Constantly working to improve the qualifications, attend workshops and master classes in modern dance, in particular: in 2005 and 2006 received a certificate I and II International Festival of Contemporary Dance “Reflection» (Reflection) for course training workshops on the techniques of modern Dance: “Modern Jazz”, “Jazz”, “Modern”, “Classic Jazz”, “A funky jazz dance», «Contemporary», «Contact Improvisation”; 2008 – Certificate «UA DANCE EDUCATION» Association of modern and variety dance of Ukraine of Completion training workshops for technicians “Disco Jazz”, “Hip-hop, funky», «R’n» B «,» Art therapy “,” Jazz dance and improvisation “,” Kontemporari and Flying Lov «,» Salsa “,” Swing Dance “,” creative laboratory “,” Contact Improvisation “,” Modern (school Horton), equipment release «,« Jazz-modern. ”

Lyudmila was awarded the Diploma of the Main Department of Education and Science of Kyiv City State Administration (2004), is the winner of the professional pedagogical contest “Crystal Apple” (in the category “Project of the Year”, 2007).


Желяк Наталья НиколаевнаImeet degree in choreographer, teacher of special disciplines, in 2010 she graduated with honors from the National Academy of Culture and Arts and received a complete higher education specialty “choreography” and was qualified as a choreographer, teacher.

In the Kiev Palace of children and youth since 1997.
Has competent pedagogical approach to children, it takes into account their age, physiological and psychological characteristics. It is able to well establish contacts with parents and children.

It participates in the educational process of the team. It holds open lessons, cooking lessons methodical development of modern choreography for the initial and primary levels of education.

Expertly prepares children to participate in the concert and festival activities of the ensemble “Flamingo”.
Constantly working to improve the qualifications, attend workshops, master classes on contemporary choreography (to obtain a certificate of training), open lessons and master classes at the Palace of colleagues. Communicate and share experiences with teachers of institutions of adult education.

Natalia was awarded a diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2009) For high achievements in work, personal contribution to the development of training and education of the younger generation.


Инна ВикторовнаFolk dance choreographer, teacher professional disciplines. Artist.

Graduate Department KNUKiM. Teacher Education “pop dance”, “Classic”, “Basic stylization of dance.” Catching the preparation of future folk dance choreographers, always focuses on the latest trends of choreographic art.

Among the creative achievements – supplement programs subject “Art choreographer” new modern themes staged work. Performances, created under the direction of Inna V., were presented at dance competitions and festivals, which won prizes and entered the repertoire of the ensemble.

Kiyko Anna

Анна Александровна

She graduated from KNUKIM and worked as a ballet dancer, choreographer-director and ballet tutor at the National Circus of Ukraine. After the end of her artistic career – a tutor at the Academic Puppet Theater and a teacher.

Demanding of herself, able to achieve the goal. He enjoys the respect and authority of the Palace’s teachers, children and their parents. Characterized as a cultured, polite, sensitive person who worries about the work of his team and colleagues.

Has a competent pedagogical approach to children, takes into account their age, physiological and psychological characteristics. He is able to establish good contacts with parents and children. Always responds to requests from colleagues for help with professional and social work.


Oleg Kolisnichenko

Oleg Nikolaevich

Acrobatics teacher An acrobatics coach, in love with his work with heart and soul, gives all his time to children.

Worked in Cirque Medrano, Da Capo Varieté, Circus Balloni Schweiz.