On this page we try to give a detailed definition of the terms of dancing, so we can speak the same language. So:

Grand Prix – (French Prix Grand -. The big prize) the main award (prize) at the largest competitive activities in the field of culture and art (festivals, shows, competitions), sport (sporting events). Read more on Wikipedia.

Antre – in medieval Europe solemn entry costumed characters dance or banquet hall. In our time – out to all participants bow performances in costumes.

Master Class – is a teaching method and a specific lesson to improve practical skills, conducted by a specialist in a certain field of creative activity for people who have reached a sufficient level of professionalism in this field of activity. Simply put, on the children of our team, we show sharing experience with our fellow choreographers about the methods used to teach children of different ages to dance in our team. Or we invite the famous choreographer to conduct a lesson in a certain direction for the students of our team.