Hygiene of classes

Dear parents, do not neglect the health of your baby! Rehearsal form is required for your child in the classroom not only for convenience or teachers request, but first and foremost it is – hygiene. Come and go in the rehearsal form is prohibited! And this is not our whim, this is the golden rule. Teach the child to health from the beginning and follow its observance to the outlet group.
Our advice and requirements.

Hygiene:грязный ребенок

  • Always change clothes before and after rehearsals.
  • Carry a change of socks and panties for children. Wash is not so difficult in our time.
  • Exchangeable shoes should always be (ballerina) in the room in the shoe can not go!
  • The form must be clean to each session;
  • Use gel or antibacterial napkins;
  • Do not come to school sick!
  • Come early and warm up themselves, besides, you will have more time to remember the material covered!
  • If it’s hot weather or if your child is suffering from excessive sweating, you should have 1-2 spare shirts.
  • Make it a habit to check the oral hygiene before going to the dance hall, try to avoid strong-smelling food before class (garlic, onions, etc.).
  • Before going to the gym, do not use deodorants or perfumes.
  • Do not wear rings on a class, bracelets, chains, necklaces, earrings volume – all of which can cause an allergic reaction on the friction on the sweaty body and even cause injury when working
  • in the room.
  • Keep with a private bath towel (per lesson net), to be able to wipe the sweat between dances.
  • Dance shoes need to dry after each session. It’s enough to put it out of training bags, or over time, shoes covered with a fungus or mold.
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions to teachers!

These simple and seemingly clear to all the rules, unfortunately, not all comply. You want to dance beautifully? Be beautiful and healthy in every way!