Participation in the I round of V All-Ukrainian competition im.Pavla Virski

November 27, 2016 Folk art collective ensemble of modern choreography “Flamingo” took part in the first round of the V-Ukrainian festival of folk dance competition named Paul Wirski (art director Lyudmila Natalya Grishchenko and Zhelyak). This competition is not only important for children, but also for our leaders and educators. This competition has three stages, and is held every three years. He walks all year and this year selected the strongest teams from all over Ukraine, both amateur and professional.


Celebration took place in the House of Culture of the National Aviation University.
In the first qualifying round, which takes place in regions all over Ukraine, and which professional groups are fighting with the author, the ensemble “Flamingo” showed two choreographic composition “Galician fun” and “Midsummer”. The rooms are built on folklore, folk traditions, customs and rituals of Ukraine, which is modern invention of new forms in the national choreography.

Chairman of the National Choreographic Union of Ukraine Miroslav Vantuh and the jury praised the artistic level of the performances of the composition “Midsummer”, its drama, directing, expressiveness and emotionality of performance and the atmosphere of dance, and in the room “Galician fun,” noted the support, technical skills, dynamic performance and originality.

After watching the competition program of the meeting of the jury members with the heads of all dance groups, in which the wishes and recommendations of the choir were made.

Congratulations to the children, leaders and parents group “Flamingo” with access to the second round of the V All-Ukrainian festival-contest of folk dance named after Pavlo Virsky, which will be held May 2017, and where there will compete the strongest teams of Ukraine for the finals, which will be held in October 2017 .

Looking forward to the second and third round, in which we are preparing to show new choreographic compositions with new scenic images and theatricality of our ensemble of modern choreography “Flamingo”!

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