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  • Honors

    We have a large number of awards. From each of his trips we bring at least one award. The maximum we brought 5 degrees and the Goblet lauryata. Would you like to see? Go to the page and see our diplomas, certificates and diplomas.

  • At the end

    After completing the 9 - 11th grade of secondary school. If a child studied during the last 5 years our students receive a certificate of school education Kiev Palace of Children and Youth Department in the ensemble Flamingo art faculty of modern choreography, able to choose a profession - dance, and continue to study in higher education institutions in this area.

  • Documents

    What must have documents for the child? · Medical certificate that the child can engage in choreography. · Copy of birth certificate; · Application form to join the ensemble. In the event of any changes in the health status of the child's parents must immediately inform the teacher.


It's not a lie, it is a statistic.

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Our second mother muses, mentors.


Lyudmila Grishchenko

Team founder

In 1998 she graduated from the Kiev National Institute of Culture and Arts in the specialty "Choreography, a teacher of special disciplines."


Natalia Zhilyak

Choreographer, teacher of Jazz

Choreographer, teacher of special disciplines, in 2010 she graduated with honors from the National Academy of Culture. In the Kiev Palace of children and youth since 1997.

Инна Викторовна

Inna Tsymbal

The teacher of pop dance and classical

The teacher in the junior group team, choreographer with remarkable imagination and charisma.


Anna Kiyko

Teacher by contemporary

Choreographer - stage director, contemporary dance teacher, teacher of young pupils of the collective. She graduated from KNUKIM and worked as a ballet dancer. A very positive person with a big heart.

Преподаватель Пушак

Oleg Kolisnichenko

Teacher acrobatics

A teacher, a trainer in acrobatics, in love with his work with heart and soul, he gives all his time to children. Worked for Cirque Medrano, Da Capo Varieté, Circus Balloni Schweiz.

Irina Borisenko

Irina Borisenko

Music Editor

She graduated from the National Music Academy. Tchaikovsky, specialty "Musical art" and qualified as a teacher and musicologist. The Palace - since 2003. More than 10 years of doing musical accompaniment of theatrical performances, show performances.


Участие в I туре V Всеукраинского конкурса им.Павла Вирского

27 ноября 2016 народный художественный коллектив ансамбль современной хореографии «Фламинго» принял участие в первом туре V Всеукраинского фестиваля-конкурса народной хореографии имени Павла Вирского (художественные руководители Людмила

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In this section of our recent performances. We constantly change the section in this better watch our shows on the page of our video material.


"It is not simply one of the best teams in Kiev, for us it is a second family, there is always the warm and friendly atmosphere here really want to come back again and again :) After the first of my speech with these babies, I fell in love with "Flamingo" in the atmosphere friendliness and hospitality! Thank you for accepting me into their collective. Let us again and again with you on the same stage."
- Svetlana Tarabarova

"Thank you for the positive performance! For your sincere love and respect for the faith of Ukraine in men !!! KEEP IT UP !!!!!! Well done! Our unity, love, sincerity, overcome the enemy. Overcome the corruption and all negarazdy in our country !!! We are fighters believe you. YOU are our future! And we are not allowed the enemy! We will do everything for that !!! Paved the way for the future, that you live in a rich and strong solar Ukraine.SLAVA Ukraine! GLORY TO THE HEROES! ETERNAL MEMORY fallen hero for our country!"
- (Русский) Эдуард Малеваный

"Дуже вдячний за творчу співпрацю нашим друзям та колегам народному художньому колективу ансамблю сучасної хореографії "Фламінго" та фольклорному ансамблю "Кралиця" Київського національного університету культури і мистецтв. "
- Oleksandr Lisych

"God, it is impossible to describe all the love "Flamingo". The first time was in the "Snow Queen" in 2015. How many joy when our child told us that we are the only team where he will go. And here our thoughts coincided. Thank you very much to you for such a warm welcome, a wonderful atmosphere and the sea of positive emotions! There is nothing better "Flamingo"."
- (Русский) Анна

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